Female dragonflies fake their own deaths to avoid unwanted male attention!

The animal kingdom can always teach us so much. But who knew there would be a failproof way to deal with unwanted attention from men. As most women will know, getting unwanted attention from males can be highly irritating and frustrating, especially if they refuse to give up. Many women find it really challenging to get away from persistent suitors, but few would go to the lengths that female dragonflies go to. According to research, female dragonflies actually fake their own death in a bid to get rid of males who are interested in having their way with them!

It appears that female dragonflies will go to extraordinary lengths in order to keep males at bay. This happens especially after they have mated with one male of the species and need to go somewhere safe to lay their fertilized eggs. According to research, some female dragonflies will simply fall from the sky when they are being hounded by frisky males, and they will then lay there pretending to be dead.

Why They Do This

But, why do female dragonflies go to such extremes to keep males at arms-length after they have already mated? Experts believe that there are various reasons behind this. The main reason seems to be that the number of eggs the female can lay is limited. So if they are engaged in coupling repeatedly it could possibly cause damage to the reproductive organs. SO it begins to make sense why these insects will do just about anything to avoid the sexual advances of other males after mating.

Another reason, as mentioned earlier, is that the female dragonfly is eager to find somewhere safe where she can lay her fertilized eggs. As any mother knows once the instinct to protect your babies kicks in, you would do just about anything. She is not going to want to fight her way through swarms of males, who are now even more eager to attract her. Clearly, the best option is to let the persistent males think she has died. By doing this, the female dragonfly is able to better protect her eggs, as well as her reproductive organs and her dignity!

Plummeting to the Ground

Most of the mating ritual between a male and female dragonfly takes place in the air. However, it is completed on the ground, and once it is finished, the female will immediately take flight in order to head off and lay her eggs. But the fact that she has just mated will attract other males all the more, so this poses a serious problem for the female. Researchers have noted that many will avoid taking the risk of this male attention by simply plummeting to the ground and lying perfectly still.

This is certainly a novel way for the female of any species to avoid the advancements of males. However, for the dragonfly, it is all about protecting herself and her eggs from the males.

So now if you ever find yourself stuck in a position with a man who just won’t quit. You can always try this little trick and just drop dead. Although I think there has to be a way to implement this metaphorically and not actually just falling to the ground. But who knows, desperate times call for desperate measures.