Lavender And Peppermint Diva Foot Balm For Cracked Heels

You have your homemade Diva leg cream and foot scrub and here is the foot balm to complete your own home spa for the all-around Diva look.

With some love and attention, your feet are going to look stunning this summer.


2 oz of cocoa butter

2 oz of coconut oil

5-8 drops of peppermint essential oil

5-8 drops of lavender essential oil

heatproof jar

small saucepan

digital scale


The best way to measure your dry ingredients is to weigh them, whilst you can use cup sizes it is best to use dry measurements to volume measurements as an example 2oz of coconut oil in its solid form will not be the same as 2oz of cocoa butter, if you don’t have scales you can still use cups but the consistency of the product will produce a looser balm.

To get the correct amount of 2oz of coconut oil place your cup on your scales and adjust the scales back to zero.

Cocoa Butter:

Cocoa butter comes in a large bar. It is very easy to scrape off what you need with a small knife. At room temperature your bar is solid, but it will start to melt in your hands the more you use it so act quickly.


Place your coconut oil and cocoa butter in a heatproof jug, cup or jar. Place into a pan with just enough water to come up the side about 2 inches. Turn on the burner to low heat and allow the ingredients to slowly melt together.

Add Essential Oils:

Once the coconut oil and cocoa butter have melted, remove from the pan and add in the peppermint and lavender essential oils. Combine well using something like a disposable a wooden kebab stick that you can throw away after use or if you plan to make more for yourself or as gifts, wipe clean and store away.

Pour and Cool:

Pour your balm into your 4oz glass jar, allow it to sit at room temperature until it has completely cooled, which will then show a solid form, cover with lid and store in a cool, dry place.

How to Use:

Your balm will work at its best after you have used your diva foot scrub. Apply a generous amount and put on some spa socks to give the balm time to be absorbed.

You can also apply a smaller amount every day after your shower along with your Homemade Diva Leg Cream your feet and legs will be stunning in no time.