It’s Your Life So Live It Your Way And By Your Own Rules

Don’t you just hate it when people think they know what is best for you?

We all have ‘those people’ in our lives, who think it is their ‘job’ to tell us what the rules of life are.

Where is this book of life rules is what I would like to know, as I have yet to find it!

What some people fail to realize is that there is no book of life rules, sure there are rules such as your countries laws, rules of the workplace etc but no there is no book of life rules, only what is in their heads!

Life is for living and living in your way. There are those that choose a religious path, others political, there are those that believe this is not the only life we live, whereas others believe once our time is over that is it.

The point is we are all free to live our lives the way we want to if we stop those people from interfering in our lives.

Too many people, too many opinions, and none of them should be allowed to impact how we live, they can only impact us if we allow them to.

We can break free from this mundane life that suffocates us slowly with each passing day if we want to.

Since when was it okay for people to dictate to us, to stop us from doing what we enjoy, to take away our joy.

The greatest moment of my life was when those exact people became so engrossed with telling me how I should be that my loud and resounding ‘fuck off’ was far better than any money therapy can buy.

The moment when I started removing people swiftly from my environment was quite frankly a cathartic period of my life.

No one knows what tomorrow can bring. It could bring laughter and joy, or it could bring pain and sadness, but tomorrow will bring to us what tomorrow decides.

We are the authors of our stories and any toxic characters need writing out.

Some people are happy living their life the same way day in and day out and good for them, but there are others who want to step out into the unknown and taste what life has to offer, neither is wrong in any case.

Build memories that will leave their mark on this world, for when you are long gone people will talk of you and smile and say, ‘Do you remember when’.

Each passing day is one day closer to the end, so make your days good ones. Treat others how you wish to be treated and if they don’t return that respect that is on them not you.

Ask yourself ‘Am I enjoying my life’? If the answer is no, then what are you going to do to change that to a yes.

With each decision, you make for yourself make them good ones that feed your soul. That gives you the chance to breathe good air when you go to bed each night you feel like you have lived and not just existed.

Write your own rules if you must have rules, live your life the way you want to live it, spend time with those that appreciate you and you them.

Stop explaining yourself, its’ a habit we have all developed right from childhood.

Work towards your dreams, no one person’s dreams are silly even though some say they are. If they matter to you, then they damn well matter period.

Stop existing and start living, life is the greatest gift we have been given, don’t spend it in misery.

You are whole on your own, you do not need anyone to complete you, you complete you and you are beautiful.