How To Make A Safe Homemade Powder To Kill Fleas And Ticks On Contact For Your Cats And Dogs

We do love our fur babies, what we don’t love is the extra guests they bring home with them from time to time. With summer fast approaching the risk of fleas and ticks increase along with the risk of the diseases they carry.

The FDA issued a warning concerning the potential neurological adverse events being found in dogs and cats where they have been treated with pills or chews that are in the isoxazoline class.

Isoxazolines are pesticides that were introduced in 2010 as products for veterinaries to use to protect against fleas and ticks in cats and dogs. The chemical interferes with the fleas and ticks nervous system and not that of the cats and dogs, however, the products have been linked to adverse reactions such as muscle tremors and seizures.

3 Natural Alternatives For Flea & Tick Control

There are a number of natural ways to get fleas and ticks off your pets. Here are three of the best:

1. Eliminate their breeding ground

Fleas and ticks love long grass to hide in until a passing host is nearby and they move from the long grass to your pet. Keep grass cut short to prevent this.

2. Use a flea comb

A basic inexpensive option for removing fleas, their eggs and ticks from deep within your pets’ fur. You can also buy a little gadget that looks like a hook when finding ticks buried in your pets’ skin to hook and twist them out leaving none of the tick behind.

3. Use a natural flea and tick powder…

A natural flea and tick powder which you can easily make yourself for a fraction of the price of commercial treatments leaving no risk to your pet.

This powder is not a preventative treatment, it is for use when you find fleas and ticks to kill them on contact. It does not enter your pet’s bloodstream like so many other internal and topical treatments for sale.

How to Make Natural Flea & Tick Powder

This natural powder uses diatomaceous earth, neem powder and essentials oils. That’s it.

Diatomaceous Earth:

Or, DE, is a non-toxic powder made of the crushed fossils of freshwater and marine organisms. It gives the appearance on a microscopic level of broken glass. The tiny glass-like fragments pierce the protective shells of fleas and ticks causing them to dehydrate and die. It is totally harmless to humans and animals. You can also use the food grade DE for internals use should your dogs or cats get roundworm, whipworms, pinworms and hookworms.

Neem powder:

Is a natural repellent. It can be used to repel and kill biting insects and in this case flea, it does not however effectively kill ticks hence why this home remedy is of the 3 combinations.

Essential oils:

There are a few essential oils known for their insect repellent abilities: citronella, peppermint, and eucalyptus. There are more combinations that work better for specific pests, but this combination takes care of fleas and mosquitoes effectively.


Arrowroot powder

Neem Powder

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

Powder Duster

Peppermint Essential Oil

Citronella Essential Oil

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Mix in 3 equal parts arrowroot powder, neem powder and DE. The arrowroot will help to blend and dilute the ingredients so you will have enough for multiples uses without irritating your pets’ skin.

Add 30 drops of each of the peppermint, eucalyptus and citronella oils. Mix well.

Put the powder into a shaker or powder duster, you can find these at any home DIY store or on Amazon. A powder duster will effectively distribute the mix into your pets’ fur with little waste.

How To Use

You must do this outside out of any breeze, protect your pets face as it will cause irritation if it gets in their eyes. Pump the powder into the fur and using your hands massage the powder in. Repeat if you feel necessary. A fine dusting will remain on their outer coat. The following day give your pet a good brush again outside and you should see the dead fleas and ticks. Check your pet over if they still have the unwelcome guests repeat the process.