Ho Ho Ho. It’s that time of year where everything is tinsel and lots of glitter, but dare you go bold with glitter boobies?

With Christmas fast approaching and all the parties and family gatherings being planned we turn our minds to what we will wear over the festive season.

This year’s party season trend is glitter boobies, definitely not for the faint-hearted, would you be bold enough to stand out from the crowd?

Body art gurus Go Get Glitter have revealed this year’s raunchy trend of reindeer glitter boobs on Instagram and everyone is going mad over the idea with rave reviews.

People are ditching the cringe-worthy season’s jumpers and decorating their chest with body art that resembles a sparkly Rudolph including the infamous red nose in prime position.

Pic credit to Go Get Glitter Instagram


The raunchy look will get peoples eyebrows raising so would you dare to wear them for the office party?

Some of the comments to this trend have been;

‘I’ve found my dream outfit’.

‘I’m finished looking for my Xmas outfit’.

Another boldly said: ‘Me on Christmas day’.

And there have been loads of comments on how cute the outfit looks!

Pic credit to Go Get Glitter Instagram


For most people, the old faithful Christmas jumpers are their limits, but the go bold trend does seem to be trending at an alarming rate.

If Rudolph doesn’t spark your interest you could always go with Christmas pudding boobs.

Pic credit to Go Get Glitter Instagram

The entire boob is covered in brown sparkles, with some well-placed silver glitter which doubles up as the icing or cream, then the whole look is finished off with a sprig of holly, how yummy will your boobies look and will no doubt have some people drooling at such an enticing sight.

Pic credit to Go Get Glitter Instagram

If you would rather go with a glitter butt look then look no further Go Get Glitter has the solution. You can turn your butt into a Christmas tree bauble just don’t sit down or you could leave a butt print wherever you go.

So, while this bold trend is for the brave there is no way you can deny that this experiment makes you look at Christmas in a whole new light.

Pic credit to Go Get Glitter Instagram

Merry Christmas.