Help women empower women!!

There’s a huge movement among women to empower one another, to secure equal rights, to challenge gender narratives, and to establish a brighter future for our daughters. A worldwide movement that connects all of us as women. We have inspiring women who have paved the way for us with their determination and hard work. With that said, it’s clear we need to make some changes here at home.
We need a collective effort. To all work together to better not only ourselves but every woman who stands beside us. Here are some quick tips to make it easier for us all to work together.

1. Boost Her Self-Esteem
Encourage the women around you, and make them feel special and strong. Help your fellow woman see their attributes. Point out the things they bring to the table and how they inspire you. Help them embrace their self-expression and true identity. Encourage them to pursue their passions and follow their dreams!

2. Shut Down Negativity
Women are constantly being picked apart. From their looks to their careers everyone always has something to say. Women are held to unrealistic beauty standards and made to feel bad about not reaching it at every turn they take. Social media seems to be one of the biggest culprits of these attacks. People feel a false sense of bravado being cruel from behind a screen. Stand up against this when you see it online. Whether it is happening to a random model, your friend, or even an actress you don’t personally like. There’s never an excuse to allow bullying and especially body shaming. Lift women by taking a stance against negative comments online, at the office, in school, and wherever you go. Combat negativity by promoting body positivity, intelligence, and authenticity.

3. Be Open and Honest
Being vulnerable isn’t easy, so this will be hard. But being able to speak to one another about our experiences is important. Speaking out about the things we go through bind us together and give us a voice. Showing someone what has hurt you could even pave the way for them to conquer their battles. Knowing they aren’t alone in the struggles making them stronger. There is power in numbers so we must unite.

4. Support Women-Run Businesses and organizations that support women
Show your support for women in your community by investing in businesses run by women. Every time you spend money with women-owned businesses it is a little cha-ching of support!! At the same time look for organizations that support women in need. Look for shelters that focus on battered women and children. Dedicate some time to them or donate some money. Every little bit helps and can go such a long way

5. Fight Against Injustice
Stand up for women’s rights, and be part of the process! From writing your representatives to attending the rallies. Every bit of presence helps! The most powerful voice you have is your VOTE make sure you know your candidates’ feelings on women issues before you cast a vote for them.

6. Help a New Mom Adjust
As if womanhood wasn’t hard enough then you have to add in the adjustment to life as a mother. It is a hard transfer even with the most support. So we need to rely on one another to try to make it just a little easier. Bring her food, help her clean (better yet just clean for her), and offer to watch the babes while she sleeps. It is the little things that go a LONG way, especially in the initial whirlwind. Encouraging a mom to recharge by giving her some time to take care of herself helps her be a better mom – and moms inspire and empower all of us! So, be sure to take care of the moms who show us love every day.

7. Show Your Appreciation to the Women in Your Life
Say thank you, give and accept compliments, and help out the women around you. Show the women in your life how much you appreciate them by sending a thank you card, complimenting them, or simply telling them what they mean to you. The love we can pour into one another will always start with those closes to us.

So make sure you always let all of the important and wonderful ladies in your life know how much they mean to you.
Empowering women starts with you. Show your support for the women around you, show them they matter, and remind them they’re strong. Changing the narrative for women and seeing real change is a team effort, so share this list with the women in your life, and encourage them to take action! – Kristina