Serving fun alcohol-free drinks is the best way to honor your friends in recovery for the holidays!!

With the holiday season approaching everybody is gearing up for the festivities. While this year they may look different than previous, it will still provide a lot of opportunities for amazing food and drinks. But I think we sometimes overlook our loved ones who can’t celebrate the same way as others.

It’s said that over 19 million Americans alone suffer from addiction issues. A large percentage of that is based around alcohol. Too often when these events are taking place it seems like there is never any options for those who can’t indulge in alcohol. Just because they can’t drink doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have fun and delicious options to enjoy!!

It seems we aren’t the only ones to feel this way either. Recently a thread on Twitter blew up and it was all about alcohol free mocktails!! We wanted to share a few of our favorites down below to inspire you to support your loved ones in this season and always.

The blueberries and mint go together perfectly
Simple but sweet this is a really fun one especially for new years eve!
One of our favorites
Basically a detox drink if you ignore the sugar!