Florida woman is arrested for beating up her boyfriend when he refused to perform oral sex on her.

In true Florida fashion, a woman was arrested after allegedly beating her 69-year-old boyfriend for refusing to give her oral pleasure.

It seems Katanya scratched and hit her partner continuously until Pinellas County Sheriff’s Department took her away in handcuffs at three am.

The victim claims that the two were arguing about Jordan smoking crack. She then began yelling at him demanding oral sex. When he refused, she started “hitting and scratching him,” giving him “several small lacerations” most likely “caused by fingernails.”

Jordan first escaped, but with the help of a K-9 unit, she was placed in jail.

Jordan did not deny attacking her boyfriend. However, she claims that the boyfriend choked her first, and she had acted in self-defense.

No one mentions drug abuse, so we’ll leave that to the investigators.

The charges

Jordan now faces charges of felony domestic battery and grand theft because of her arrest. According to police report Katanya repeatedly stolen her boyfriend’s phone as he tried to call 911. Which is where the theft charge comes from.

At the time of this article, she was being held at Pinellas County jail on a 12,500 USD bond.

Unsurprisingly Jordan has an impressive police record. Everything from convictions for welfare fraud, cocaine possession, trespassing, battery, all the way to grand theft.

She’s also been arrested for hitting her brother-in-law over the head with an iron, punching her pregnant daughter, and attacking her boyfriend with a glass vase. 

If convicted, Jordan is facing serious jail time. If the partner’s claims about the drug abuse are true, this is her chance to turn things around. Hopefully getting clean would give her a chance to turn her life around and right some of these wrongs.