Florida man on a magical flying unicorn wrestles tarpon!

We have all heard a good Florida man story, and this one sure doesn’t disappoint. A young man was caught on film wrestling with a giant fish from a relatively small “boat” off the coast of Clearwater, Florida. But his vessel was as entertaining as the mighty battle itself. Because he had taken a gigantic winged rainbow unicorn out to sea to fish that day.

 Jack Vasileros logic when choosing his floatation device was that it made him less intimidating to an extra-large tarpon.

Thankfully like most Florida men he had good friends standing by on an actual boat to catch it on video and help him load his catch:

“The stealthy natural drift of the unicorn float with the Stella combo was deadly this afternoon 3/3 all in time to make Father’s Day dinner!” Vasilaros wrote on Facebook.

It will never be clear whether or not the float did contribute to this huge catch or not. But it made for quite the show! Watch the video here!