Feathers Are believed To Be Messages For Us And Each Color Has A Different Meaning

Seeing a feather can be an uplifting experience.

The most basic meaning of seeing a feather is that they are a message from above, over the centuries most cultures see them as a message from our guardian angels or our spirit guides, they also have been viewed as showing us that we are being protected.

More often now they are perceived as messages from our angels and they are telling us to pay attention to our surroundings.

They can indicate when our life is on the right track or if we need to perhaps change direction. Most believe that they are a message from our loved ones who have passed over and want us to know they are close by watching over us.

If you ask a question of your angel you will find they may answer you by sending you a feather as a way of confirmation they have heard you, so it is good to know what each color means.

White Feathers

Are very strongly linked to our angels as a message of hello we heard you. We often imagine our angels with white wings being loving and guiding us through life and that is why white feathers are often associated with angels.

Black Feathers

If you find a black feather do not think it is dark forces are work. Black feathers are one of protection and you are being warned that you need to pay more attention to your surroundings or people you associate with

Gray Feathers

They represent peace and the peace you seek, as they are the middle ground of white and black feathers you are being told to look at both sides of your life and make a decision which path is best for you.

Black and White Feathers

They are more common than people realize, the message they contain is that there is no black or white solution to your situation and that you need to sit back and just let things play out rather than force a decision.

Red Feathers

They represent courage and being grounded; it can also signify money or your material possessions. We often think of our base chakra when we see a red feather as our base chakra means vitality, energy and strength. You may find after receiving a red feather that you are full of energy.

Orange Feathers

If you find an orange feather this is in line with your sacral chakra and your creativity, perhaps you are wanting to be more creative but feel you don’t have the skills, you are being told you do and to be bold and go for it and follow your dreams. It also represents your emotional balance so should you be in a new relationship the message is go for it and enjoy what life is offering you.

Yellow Feathers

Think of sunshine and joy when you see this feather, it is telling you to be happy and confident in all that you do. Even if you have recently made a decision to not do something and you are wondering if perhaps it was a wrong choice, seeing a yellow feather is telling you even though you have doubts you did make the right decision.

Pink Feathers

Pink is often associated with love so it is no surprise that it can be also linked to the heart chakra. Pink is the softer color of red and white mixed together, it is telling you that even if you are not in a relationship that love is coming your way and to embrace what is to come.

Green Feathers

Green feathers are also associated with the heart chakra, it represents unconditional love and compassion. It is telling you that you can expect growth and renewal in your life and that should you have any health issues that these will soon come to an end and that you will find yourself feeling reenergized and ready for the next chapter in your life.

Blue Feathers

Blue feathers are about communication whether that be with words or silent communication such as your energy. This is in line with your throat chakra. Blue is a calming color and should you find a dark blue feather then this could indicate that the Archangel Michael is nearby you. It is also reminding you to speak the truth at all times and follow your intuition.

Violet and Purple Feathers

These feathers portray spiritual colors so if you find these, they are messages from your guardian angels. They are telling you that you are going through a spiritual awakening and as they are psychic colors they correspond with your third eye chakra. If you have found yourself seeking answer spiritually then keep going you are on the track.

Golden Feathers

These feathers are very rare and are associated with your crown chakra. The feather may not be fully gold in color but more a golden-yellow or golden-brown. They are telling you that you need to keep going that the sky is limitless for you and your chosen path, never give up.

Brown Feathers

The brown feather is associated with the root chakra, it represents grounding, finding your roots and settling down, a good example of this is if you are searching for a new home and are unsure if one you have seen ask your angels and if you soon see a brown feather they are telling you the new home is right for you.