ET Visits Grown Up Elliot In Skys Christmas Advert And It’s A Tearjerker!

No matter your age we all have fond memories of ET and now in a long-overdue reunion, we see ET and Elliot together again! I’m not crying, you’re crying!

The advert starts with us seeing Elliot’s two children playing outside in the snow when suddenly lights start to flicker and the children discover ET hiding behind the snowman they made.

The children start screaming, Elliot comes running as ET asks the children for ‘Elliot’.

Elliot appears awestruck and says; “You came back”.

Elliot introduces him to his children and his wife and says: “A lot has changed since you were here”.

The family show ET how much has changed in the 37 years since he was last on earth including the internet, space exploration and even virtual reality gaming.

But ET still wants to go home as he misses his family.

The Extra-Terrestrial picks up a bike and drives the children into the sky, to the top of the hill, before saying: “I’ll be right here”.

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The 2-minute-long advert ends with a photo of the family and ET stuck on the fridge and the caption: “Reconnect this Christmas”.

The dad is played by Henry Thomas, who starred as Elliot in the original film.

The iconic film E.T the Extra-Terrestrial was released in June 1982 and directed by Steven Spielberg.

It starred Drew Barrymore and was one of the top-earning films of the 1980s, also winning two Oscars.

It was rated the greatest science fiction film ever made in a Rotten Tomatoes survey.

The advert was made in connection with Universal Pictures, as it part of the Comcast and Sky business.

Stephen van Rooyen, CEO UK & Ireland, Sky said: “It’s an honour to bring E.T. back to Earth in this new festive short story, helping us to celebrate the magic of family time at Christmas and Sky’s part in bringing our customers together at this special time of year.”

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The advert was released on Sky 9 pm 28th November and since then the internet has been blowing up with many comments about how much this movie impacted them over the years.

Watch the video below to see the advert and I dare you not to get somewhat emotional at seeing such a well-loved old friend.