Effective Ways To Prepare Yourself When Dealing With Toxic People

Toxic people have this annoying ability to make their way into our lives before we even realize what they are, they can even be in our circle of friends for quite some time before they show themselves for who they truly are.

Toxic people are clever, deceitful people who inflict damage in a way that makes us doubt innocent people around us.

Here are some ways you can use when dealing with toxic people.

1. Ignore the attention seekers

They have to be the centre of attention all the time and this can get seriously draining and old news fast. For any situation the toxic person has had it worse and goes into full swing of telling the story of how they had it worse, shut this conversation down, change the subject or even just turn and start talking to someone else, they won’t like it, so what do you really have time to hear what you know are just a bunch of lies.

2. Stop sharing your secrets with gossipers

Be guarded on what you tell people at all times, make sure the person you confide in is someone you have known for a very long time. Toxic people are very good at appearing thoughtful and concerned about you. The reality is they are storing up your secrets to then use them against you and talk about you behind your back.

3. Explore how you react to these people and the things they do

Do some looking in the mirror in regards to how you react to people. Does the way you react feed into the needs of the toxic person, if so, work hard at stopping your reactions to what they say, they will soon get bored of you if you don’t give them what they need.

4. Trust your gut

Your gut is your best friend, it screams warnings at you when something isn’t right, the question is; Do you listen to it? Most of us say after something has happened ‘I knew something wasn’t right, I could feel it’ so listen to your gut it is telling you what you need to know.

5. Do not allow yourself to get involved in the petty drama

Don’t get dragged into any drama, your life is for living and it is not for finding yourself repeatedly dragged into the toxic person world where it is a constant revolving door of drama after drama. Whilst this is going on the life you should be living is passing you by.

6. Set boundaries for this person or cut them out completely depending on your situation

People never like it when they suddenly find you have boundaries put up, they get angry as to them you have pushed them out and they can no longer have easy access to you. So what! Your life, your rules. It’s your decision on how your life will be no one else’s’.

7. Prepare for retaliation

Once the boundaries go up then the toxic person retaliates and in most cases, they talk shit about you, they tell lies and try and get other people to listen and believe what they are saying. If your friends are ‘real’ friends they will see the toxic person for who they are, as they know you well enough to spot the lies.

8. Do not try to normalize abusive behavior

Nothing is normal with regards to toxic behavior. Whilst you accept and allow this behavior to continue around you, directly at you or about you then you are making that behavior acceptable and normal. Make the toxic person aware that you know exactly what they are doing and they are no longer welcome in your life.

9. Be in control of your own emotions

It is easy for us to lose our tempers when we find out what toxic people have done. Yes, of course, you will be angry, use that anger in a positive way by calmly reacting and rising above their level, you are so much better than they are and always will be.