Don’t Let Everything Flatter You. You’re Worth More Than You Think

Our modern era of dating has made finding partners and potential soul mates just a mere click away. No doubt it has its well-weighed advantages, but it can become emotionally tiresome and mentally exhausting at times. There’s one thing to note, that it’s completely up to us to either accept society’s rules and regulations and messed up timelines to dictate our personal lives, or take matters in our hands and stop draining our energies on every other man and wait for the right person.

What I am trying to point out is that we have started replacing our real values and ethics with bare minimum efforts. We have started to base our relationship values on whether a person likes or follows our social media account, or how promptly they reply to our messages and calls instead of the foundations of love, mutual respect, understanding, and independency. No matter how old school it may sound, we really need to make it a point to revisit our true values and principles in retrospect.

Don’t just be flattered with every other man who conveniently clicked LIKE or commented a heart eye emoji on your new profile picture. That doesn’t set the standard. Remember your worth. You deserve the man who would do anything to include you in his life.

Don’t be flattered that the crush you have been secretly eyeing for the past few months has now finally responded to your countless messages. That doesn’t make them your life partner. A real man would never make you feel so desperate. They would always find the time to call or write a good morning text to you, to show you that you are the first thought that crossed their mind.

Just because he was the first one to open your Instagram story doesn’t make him your soul mate. He could be viewing dozens more while conveniently lying on his couch. A real partner and their love and support are beyond all these mindless tasks. Don’t start appreciating every random guy who leaves a comment below your everyday pictures and posts. The perfect guy will accept you for who you are, the raw and unedited real you, not this air brushed enhanced version you portray on your social media.

Don’t idealize the guy who conveniently calls you only to hook up with you for the night. You deserve a man who stays by your side through thick and thin, not just someone who looks at you like a piece of gratification. Don’t fantasize over him when he answers your phone calls immediately. The ideal man would call ever so often to check on you, you don’t need to be the one doing the calling.

Don’t be flattered when he tells you he misses you. He wouldn’t leave you hanging for hours and make you feel concerned in the first place. Don’t go over the moon when some random guy remembers your birthday. The right man would plan a surprise candlelight dinner with his lady and cherish the whole day with her.

Don’t go about romanticizing the idea that he buys you drinks, he must be the one. A real man doesn’t just have material luxuries to offer. He will give you his heart and soul, and make time for you out of his hectic schedule. This man knows that a good character and loyalty cannot be bought by money. So please widen your horizons and always look at the big picture. Never settle for less. Always know your worth.