Common Things Women Do Without Realizing When They Have Been Hurt Too Many Times

Experiencing emotional damage is just as painful and damning as physical damage. It changes who we are as a person and has long-lasting effects. It changes how we look at things in life.

The lessons learned come from having our hearts broken over and over again until we get to the stage where we say; ‘Ok I’m done with this’ and close in on ourselves.

Sometimes we don’t even do the ‘I’m done’ we close in and protect ourselves without realizing we are doing so.

1. They stop taking love seriously

Love is off the table, there is no room for any more pain coming from broken relationships. Anyone who tries meets a brick wall and a whole heap of suspicion.

2. They doubt others more

Everyone has bad intentions and there is no way they will be let in. Mind games are in the past and the door is closed.

3. They put up walls

The walls are up and someone is getting through not even with time and patience. They want life to be this way until they are ready to change that barrier and no one will change their mind.

4. They accept sadness as a part of life

Life seems one long trip of sadness and hurt. They don’t want to even try for some happiness as they just can’t take any more hurt at this time, they have been through too much.

5. They stop sharing

They no longer tell people things that are going on in their lives. They are not the open person they once were; their view is keeping things to themselves is safer.

6. They trust less

They have zero trust in anyone even those that have never betrayed them. They view everyone the same and that if they do this all the time now, they are leaving no room for further pain.

7. They are strong

The pain has changed who they are, they have grown from the pain and this has made them stronger. Never underestimate a woman who has survived pain for they can be deadly when they need to keep themselves safe.

8. They think of romance as ‘fake’

Romance is for the weak silly girls who have a lot of growing up to do. They know a relationship should be much deeper than little romantic gestures and they are not going to fall for that bullshit again.

9. They focus on themselves

They are number one now and that is the way it will stay. Their focus is on moving on with their lives and getting where they want to be and right now that means no men, just a ‘me’ attitude.

10. They get rid of toxic people

They’ve endured toxic people for too long, they can spot them a mile away and they step out of their pathway. Those that have been in the circle of friends for a while but they know are toxic get told in no uncertain terms where to go.

11. They stand on their own

They are now bold and brave they can get through life on their own if they need to. They have become independent and whilst good company is nice to have, they have no fear of being alone.

12. They refuse to make excuses

If someone acts badly around them, they no longer make excuses for them, you act out, they will call you on it, you make a mistake, they will call you out on it. They are done with all the drama of others.

13. They stop taking risks

There is no option for risks of the heart for now until they decide they want to. The door is closed up tight for now and anyone not respecting that will find themselves removed swiftly from their lives.

This is their life, their way of healing, and interference from others is not an option.