Boyfriends Who Are Ranked As Faithful To Cheaters According To Their Zodiac Sign

Ever wondered if the person you are with will be faithful or a cheater? According to the zodiac, this is the order of faithful to most likely to cheat.


They are loving and faithful, as far as they are concerned when they find their partner, they play for keeps. If they choose you, they will do anything they can to keep you. Your happiness is important to them, and should they find that the relationship isn’t what they hoped for they will end the relationship first before looking for a new relationship.


They do like to experiment with different partners, but only one at a time, they don’t play the harem game. They are perfectionists and they want their partner to be the same. Once they find a partner, they want to be with they settle with just them and are quite old fashioned about their relationship, their ideal life is settling down and having a family.


They tend to prefer being single rather than dating, but should they find the right person they are willing to commit to then they give their all to them. When they care about someone everything is done with them in mind, and betraying their partner is not part of who they are.


This sign is way too lazy to cheat on their partner, it takes too much effort to hide messages and find secret places to meet. They can’t be doing with all the stress that cheating brings, one partner is more than they can handle. They are honest about their feelings so should the relationship start to falter they will tell you that it’s time for it to end.


They are very clingy to their partner and the feeling of being safe being with their partner gives. They can be paranoid because of this and actually be the reason why it drives their partner away. They have been known to cheat because of their insecurities and then regret what they have done and tell their partner, but this is very rare.


They are perfectionists, so if they feel the relationship is failing they become unsettled and have been known to have one night stands, the thing is this will eat away at them and they will eventually tell you, knowing that in most cases this will end the relationship.


They get bored very easily so if their partner wants to keep them, they need to go the extra mile to keep the relationship alive and interesting. If you neglect them in any way, they will go looking for what they want elsewhere. They love the adrenaline rush that being a cheater gives them so don’t be surprised if you find yourself out in the cold.


They are faithful most of the time, but if they become unsettled in their current relationship they will literally go and find the first person they can cheat with and not feel bad about it as in their minds their partner has let them down and made them feel undesirable and unwanted.


If they feel the urge to cheat, they will and they will have zero feelings of remorse. They are adrenaline junkies and throw an adventure of the sexual kind in the mix and they are happy to betray any partner they are with. They are very dominant in any relationship, they make the rules which you have to adhere to, but they don’t.


They take the view that cheating is one of the deadly sins, yet just like most hypocrites will cheat if they feel you are not giving them the attention they deserve. They don’t care about the emotional damage their cheating causes, but they do sometimes feel guilty and will try and convince you to stay.


They flirt with everyone and they see nothing wrong with being like this. They can’t understand why their partner gets upset as, after all, they are like this with everyone. If they feel restricted by their partner, they will just move on to another but not before they have already cheated to see if they are the right one to move onto with.


They cheat and will blame their partner for why they did so, and they will make it very clear the cheating wasn’t their fault. They will lay all the blame on their partner to make themselves feel better about what they have done. They will play mind games to get you to stay and if that doesn’t work, they really just don’t care, after all, there’s plenty more fish in the sea.