Beware Of These “Secret” Types Of Cheating!

How can you define cheating? And what exactly qualifies as cheating? The thing is cheating is a broad term and a wide list of actions may or may not come under it which means the whole term can have a different meaning based on your circumstances or the mindset of your partner.

For starters, some will say having a full time committed romantic relationship with someone other than your partner is cheating. Others may add that even the subtle act of romanticizing a former ex, texting or stalking someone on Facebook or even thinking about someone outside of the relationship may qualify as cheating. Well, there is more to cheating than just sleeping with someone outside of the marriage or the relationship.

PRIORITIZING A FRIEND OVER THE RELATIONSHIP: You might be thinking friends are harmless right? Think again. The truth is sometimes we can get so consumed in our friendships that we tend to ignore our partners and ultimately weaken the relationship. These kinds of people tend to think that their friendships are more emotional, reliable and beneficial than their partners. If you ever come across a friend who tends to think negatively about your partner, or suddenly changes the topic when you mention them, then its times to re-evaluate your connection with them, because real friends support your partnerships outside of them and your happiness is above anything for them.

EMOTIONAL CHEATING: This happens when you start investing your time and emotions to either a close acquaintance, a colleague or a friend to the point that your partner feels undervalued. You might even think that the person you met just a week ago understands you more than your partner of 3 plus years. Problems arise when you know it’s a mere infatuation and no intimacy is involved, hence you might not even realize you are unknowingly damaging the relationship.

FINANCIAL INFIDELITY: This means holding off financial information and making valuable money choices behind your partners back. This may involve loaning a large sum of money, giving away or spending a large chunk of money on unnecessary things or worst, gambling.
All of the above behaviors can seriously cause a lack of trust on personal, emotional and financial grounds and be the cause of deep grief to them.

MENTAL CHEATING: This type of cheating is probably the most dangerous because it is your mind that plays games with you. Whether fantasizing about your attractive neighbor or depicting situations where you are alone with your new next-door neighbor, all of these thoughts can force you to take action on them and create huge problems. How can you define cheating? And what exactly qualifies as cheating?

CYBER CHEATING: This type is exclusive to social media and only between two people which means its totally anonymous and unharmful, or is it? Now emailing or chatting with someone can seem totally harmless, but if the bond gets stronger, you will eventually take things further to meeting in real life and so on. Which is why this should be totally avoided.

MAKING A FAMILY MEMBER A PRIORITY: This involves putting a close member of the family well above your personal commitments. While it’s understandable that being married doesn’t mean you can’t spend time with family, but it’s important to strike a balance between the amount of time and emotions that you are investing between your spouse and family. Making your family happy at the expense of your partners’ happiness is only going to make you more miserable.