As With Many Of Our Personality Traits Being Seen In The Zodiac Signs, The Reasons For Anxiety Can Perhaps Be Found Here Too

We live a life full of stress and anxiety that now it almost seems abnormal if you don’t.

As with many of our personality traits being seen in the zodiac signs, reasons for anxiety can perhaps be found here too, have a read and see what you think.


You love to be in charge and take responsibility where others would run a mile. You have bags of energy, but there are days when that energy evaporates, and you are running on empty.

This can make you feel stressed out and anxious about even the smallest detail.

You need to step back, let go and hand the problem over to someone else, you will feel much better for it.

Those around you understand your anxiety and will always want to support you if you let them.


You can’t be late for anything, if you are, your anxiety goes into a full-blown meltdown.

Even something as simple as meeting friends for lunch and you’re running a few minutes late sets you off, which ironically makes you even later than you would have been if you just went with the flow.

You see lateness as a failure and you are so very hard on yourself that your anxiety becomes so normal you are a heart attack waiting to happen, calm down no one got hurt by a little lateness.

Those around you understand you get anxious over lateness and have been known to come to pick you up just so your day isn’t ruined.


You can make a mountain out of a molehill; every little thing almost seems to have a sinister meaning to you, and it sets your anxiety off.

You mind talk so much about what if’s and what could be that life quickly passes you by, and you’re left sitting there with your anxiety alone.

You are the sign of the zodiac whose mind is constantly on the go and this is why your anxiety hurts you so much, talk things over with a friend, they will help ground you.



You are the most emotional zodiac sign of them all, even the smallest of things can set your anxiety off, hurt your feelings and reduce you to tears.

This then makes you angry, which then feeds your anxiety, even more, you begin to live a vicious cycle and you hate being like this.

You are extremely intelligent and know what has caused your anxiety yet find yourself unable to get out of the cycle.

You have strong support around you, you just struggle at times to ask for help, so your friends offer help instead, it’s like an olive branch and you grab on for dear life.


You are a leader and you are used to being in control and in the spotlight.

However, if things get too much or you feel you are losing control your anxiety hits you full on.

You know the right thing to do is pass over the spotlight moment to someone else whilst you take care of yourself, you sometimes just find yourself unable to do that.

Those close to you know this about you and watch for the warning signs and catch you should you fall.


You are a perfectionist, every single detail must be just right, if not you panic.

Small details going wrong, drive you crazy and this feeds your anxiety to a point where you could go into full-on meltdown, you know it is happening, but you can’t control it which makes it even worse.

Those around you see it before you do and have been known to pull you out of the situation, sit you down and talk until the panic attack has passed.


You can’t stand to see injustice, it is guaranteed to trigger an anxiety attack.

If someone treats you unfairly or those around you, it will set you in motion to set things right, the problem is you are in full-on anxiety whilst doing this and can sometimes say things you don’t mean.

Take a step back, discuss your feelings with a friend, ask if you are overreacting, and listen to what they have to say.


You appear as if nothing bothers you, you can be sarcastic even hurtful, what many don’t realize is you are being like this due to your anxiety.

You are a very private person, so you act this way as a defence when truthfully you are quite sensitive.

If you find your anxiety peaking, go find a quiet place and take your time to gather your thoughts.



You love to think outside the box, and if you find yourself in a conventional work environment as an example where new ideas are not well received then it will be the job that makes you anxious.

You are free-spirited and need to be able to make your own decisions, not be told what those decisions must be.

For you, owning your own business and being able to be as creative as you like would reduce your anxiety greatly.


You are extremely hard working and accomplishment driven, so you are the source of your anxiety.

You push yourself so hard, you suddenly snap and find yourself in a spiral of panic attacks.

Step back, take a walk, feed your soul. Then step back into the environment that perhaps is even toxic for you, do what you need to do, then step back out.


You can be stubborn and want things all your own way, real life just isn’t like that as everyone has their own opinion.

You can find yourself becoming anxious and feeling you have lost control over your life if those around you don’t agree with you, you have even been known to become aggressive, that is your anxiety making you do that.

Life won’t always go your way, sometimes it will be healthier for yourself to walk away, you’ll find when you do that your anxiety becomes less prominent in your life.


You keep a low profile. You keep things to yourself until you are ready to have them made public.

This makes you appear aloof, even rude, you’re not, but knowing people may think this of you, sets off your anxiety.

Try being a little more open with those around you and you will find them warming to you and your anxiety won’t rule your life.