Amazing Bus Driver Shows Love To A Little Girl Who Lost Her Mom

Losing someone near and dear to your heart to illness is heartbreaking, isn’t it? But losing your own mother at a very young age inflicts so much pain that it’s almost unbearable to handle. You lose a best friend forever and especially, daughters have to go through a painful journey on their own. They won’t be able to do normal mother-daughter things together anymore. A similar scenario was experienced by Isabella Pieri, aged 11, who found solace in a female bus driver after she lost her mother at a very young age, due to terminal illness.

Isabella managed to somehow pick herself back up and live her life after her great loss, but one thing she was unable to do herself was to braid her own hair. Her father, Phillip, aged 47, worked hectic hours at a local convenience store and would try to plait Isabella’s hair, but she would always get mad because her father, being inexperienced when it came to braiding hair, would sometimes tug on her hair with a lot of force.

So Phillip decided to cut Isabella’s hair shorter so they both won’t have to deal with braiding her long hair anymore. Some years later, her hair grew long again and she started to put it up in a ponytail. One fine day, Phillip noticed Isabella coming home, her hair was in a beautiful braid. When he inquired from Isabella about who braided her hair, her answer surprised him.

It was done by an Alpine school bus driver, Tracey Dean, aged 47. It all started when day Isabella noticed Tracey braiding other girls’ hair, she walked up to Tracey and requested her to braid her hair too. From that day onwards, Tracey started to braid Isabella’s hair every day. Sometimes, Isabella would request for 2 braids on each side, other days, she just wanted a single braid going down the middle of her head. Tracey, while speaking to ABC News, also mentioned that Isabella didn’t know how to brush her hair properly, so she would do it for Isabella as well.

Tracey opened up to the media and said that she found out she had breast cancer, almost seven years ago. She explained that she would think about how will her kids manage to do things on their own once she dies. That’s why she enjoys braiding Isabella’s and other girls’ hair. Isabella, on the other hand, admits that Tracey almost looks after her like a mother and she is very delighted that someone can braid her hair in the same way as her late mother did for Isabella.

Phillip also praised Tracey for her kind demeanor towards his daughter. He appreciates that Tracey went out of her way to help Isabella. As for Isabella’s teachers, they also noticed her transition from a roughly done ponytail to a neat braid. Her teachers said Isabella finally looked polished and better since Tracey started braiding her hair. Tracey’s kindness has made Isabella feel the love of a mother once again and she doesn’t feel the absence of her mother to a great degree