According To Your Zodiac Sign, This Is The Type Of Ghost You Will Become When You Die

Aries – Poltergeist

Full of energy, moody, nosey and at times aggressive in life, so it’s no wonder you will come back as a poltergeist. Watching loved ones do things you don’t approve of will see you making lots of banging noises and even rearranging the furniture just so they know you are about.

Taurus – Grey Lady

The silent ghost who watches over their loved ones. You were a steady hand in life and the afterlife is no exception. You will let people know you are about by suddenly appearing in front of them, best make sure they are not on the stairs when you do so though or a nasty accident could happen.

Gemini – Trickster Ghost

You were in prankster in life which didn’t always go down well, but hey here you are in the afterlife and now they won’t know for sure if it’s you. Leaving cabinet doors open, cracking mirror as they look into one and generally playing pranks is going to be a fun afterlife for you.

Cancer – Vanishing Hitchhiker

In life you had been known to reach the point of ghosting someone rather than talking something through, so its no wonder you will be a vanishing hitchhiker. You will be quite happy sitting there going on a road trip but when the conversation which you can’t reply to gets too much off you go waiting for the next ride.

Leo – Military Ghost

In life, you were stubborn, strong-willed, and an exhibitionist loving to get all dressed up, the afterlife will be no different even if you never served in the military you are not shy of putting on a uniform and scaring the shit out of people just for fun.

Virgo – Ghost With Unfinished Business

Organized in life that was you, everything is done right, so if you depart in an unexpected way with jobs left undone this will plague you in the afterlife. You’ll be keen to go and haunt the person taking over your job just to make sure it’s done right, pity the poor soul if they don’t as you’ll be scaring them to death.

Libra – Spirit Orb

In life, you keep to yourself and are fairly quiet so the afterlife will be the same for you. You won’t be found making bangs and crashed more an elegant darting light which people will catch out of the corner of their eye and be left wondering did they really see it or was it a trick of the light or perhaps you will show up in pictures and people will smile knowing you were passing by to check on everyone.


Scorpio – White Lady

In life passionate, strong and distrusting so no surprise you will be the white lady which every culture seems to have in their history. Vengeful, dark and macabre and you will use the afterlife to exact revenge on those you felt did you wrong in life. Once haunted by you the person will never forget and be in fear for their life, guess that’s an act of perfect revenge in your mind.

Sagittarius – Incubus/Succubus

In life you could be someone considered draining to be around for too long as you are demanding, you love the freedom of life, love and sex and absorb its energy so its no surprise you will be an Incubus/Succubus spending your nights haunting your prey with repeated intercourse and growing in strength.

Capricorn – Headless Horseman Ghost

In life, you are not always someone who can be vengeful, but when the desire to seek revenge does take hold you stop at nothing. The afterlife is your perfect opportunity to haunt everyone who did you or your loved ones wrong and you are not going to worry about a little old head missing to stop you.

Aquarius – Disembodied Voice

In life, you can be shy, often distant with people but at the same time want people to see what you are capable of. The afterlife will be great fun for you as you will have the choice of being seen or just heard. You will make people jump, look around, feel cold and if you feel they aren’t getting the message it’s you, a very brief appearance with a moan will make sure they know it’s you.

Pisces – Friendly Ghost

In life you loved to help everyone, would listen to all their problems and comfort them. Sitting there in the afterlife seeing your loved ones suffer will be hard for you and you will reach out to comfort them. Some will be fine with it others will be scared half to death, so be careful who you appear to until you know they won’t be joining you due to your appearance.