13 Truths Your Soul Wishes You’d Remember

Our soul is not the extension of our body as so often perceived; it is the very core of who we are. Our souls are the truest forms of ourselves and should be listened to.

There are many things we seem to forget that are linked to our souls and what it is telling us. The most important thing it is telling us is to remember who we truly are.

1. We are never alone.

We have a feeling of being alone in this world, that we are the only ones we can count on, we become introverted and stop seeing what is going on around us. If we open ourselves up, we see that we are not really alone at all.

2. Always remember where you came from.

Life is a journey and like all journeys, it has a beginning point. It doesn’t matter where you go in life you always have your starting point and it is wise to remember this, you didn’t just happen.

3. Accept the good and the bad.

When life throws you a curveball and you think why me, it’s because it’s a lesson that needs to be learned. If life was full of all positives, we wouldn’t evolve into who we are meant to be.

4. Be your true self.

Never try and be something you are not as truth will out always. Building a fake façade is exhausting and pointless. Open yourself up to what your soul is telling you as it is guiding you to your true path.

5. Release your need for control.

Some of us have the deep-set need for control, it doesn’t work as you can’t control those around you or events leading up to something. Being a controlling person exhaust your precious energy and often backfires.

6. Let go of all of your fears.

We all have fears that is natural, try letting some of your fears come out and work through them, you will find your life becomes a little easier as you are no longer controlled by your fears.

7. Know that you are where you need to be in life.

The saying ‘Everything happens for a reason’ irritates the hell out of me, but realistically it is a true statement. As each event unfolds, we find our truer selves and our soul especially wants that for us.

8. Nothing is permanent.

If you feel stuck where you are in life, only you can do something about that. If something makes you unhappy do something to change it, you don’t have to stay stuck where you are.

9. You are fine how you are.

If you are someone who thinks of themselves as ugly and looks at everyone else as beautiful let me tell you, you are beautiful too. We always seem to see ourselves in a negative light and it’s time we stopped doing so.

10. Everything you need lies within.

Only you can make decisions that change your outlook on life and it is in doing this that we improve ourselves. Don’t doubt yourself, you’re doing great getting through life every day, you got this!

11. Only you can measure your self-worth.

Stop looking for your self-worth in others you won’t find it there. Stop trying to please everyone else and just do what makes you happy, those that want you to be happy will love seeing you open up into the person you are meant to be.

12. Your perspective should be forever changing.

Every day we learn new things. Every day we change a little bit more. Don’t keep to the same thoughts, explore and learn it will help you grow. Your soul wants you to evolve it is crying out to you to change in ways you previously thought were not possible.

13. Living in the present is important.

You can’t move on if you are living in the past yet saying that if there are things in your past that need addressing you must do this to be able to move forward. Get out there and experience life, live it, love it and above all else love yourself.