13 Little Things Men Can Do For Their Lady Which Shows Her How Much They Care

Okay so you’re getting ‘that look’ you have no idea what you have done wrong and you’re thinking ‘now what’. Sound familiar guys?

Your mind is racing, is it her birthday, is it an anniversary, did you forget to buy groceries on the way home as it was your turn? Maybe it’s that or maybe she is feeling unloved and unappreciated and she just doesn’t know how to tell you without it turning into a fight.

Here are some suggestions you might like to try out which might just avoid any pending problems:

1. Pay attention to details

Pretty obvious huh? You’d be surprised how often she thinks you are not listening to her especially when she is forced to tell you the same thing for the 10th time, open your ears and listen to her.

2. Be Tidy

There is no laundry bunny who hops in and magically picks up your dirty clothes and wet towels, do it yourself and you’ll be surprised how quickly things change for the better.

3. Never pressure her

Don’t guilt her into doing something she doesn’t want to do, give her respect and you will be respected back, relationship 101 really!

4. Watch HER favorite TV show

Yes, groan its chick flick time or that damn box set that you’ve been promising to watch with her, get the snacks in and cuddle up, a bit of advice, don’t for goodness sake fall asleep.

5. Tell her honestly about your feelings

She doesn’t know what you are feeling for her, she can’t read your mind, so open up and tell her, it will make her feel special and you have not only told her you have just shown her how you feel.

6. Prepare some food

No, this isn’t ordered take out, this is go buy some groceries and cook for her, even better if it’s done as a surprise.

7. Surprise her with small things

Make her a coffee without being asked, buy her chocolate and tampons if the need demands. Pick her up favorite music or book, just surprise her it will make a world of difference.

8. Go shopping with her

I know this is like a horror story unfolding and you are the victim! It doesn’t have to be clothes shopping together can be fun.

9. Take her out on a date

You do not have to spend your entire checking account to make her happy. She just wants quality time with you. Make a picnic and take her somewhere you both haven’t been before.

10. Massage her after a rough day

You know when you’ve had a rough day and she massages your shoulders for you and you feel the weight of the day leave, yeah, she has days like that too, so give her some attention.

11. Invite her to see your favorite team’s game

You’ve always gone to games with the guys, ask her if she would like to go too, just the two of you, she might say no which is fine or she might say yes and you both have an amazing time.

12. Random hugs and touches

Hug her without warning, forehead kisses, grab her ass, make her feel wanted and appreciated.

13. Call her instead of texting her

Enough with the texting, she’s your wife/girlfriend not one of your guys. Take the time to call her, doesn’t even have to be a reason, you’ll be surprised how just hearing her voice will make your day better and for her to hear yours too.