11 Things That Can Happen To You When You Hide Your True Emotions

Bottling things up is never a good idea as they come out eventually. We all do it at some point in our lives as perhaps we just don’t feel able to express what we are thinking or feeling at the time.

Doing this invokes an inner war within ourselves and this can come out it many different ways.

Pretending that life is okay becomes a habit that we begin to do without thinking. You need to be true to yourself as only then can you be truly happy.

These are some of the more common ways we hide our emotions;

1. You become a hardened version of yourself

You are afraid of what people may think of you if you show your true feelings, so you hide them away, what you don’t see until later is that you are showing a harder unfeeling version of yourself which is not the reality of who you are.

2. You retreat

You start to dislike being around people and this causes confusion with people to the sudden change in the way you are. You become introverted and stop allowing people in.

3. You stop taking care of yourself properly

You start bottling things up and you make yourself unhappy and this can cause you to stop caring for yourself. Showering, eating and facing the day becomes a challenge that you find hard to endure.

4. You try to keep yourself busy

You may force yourself to keep busy, so busy to the point of exhaustion when what you are really doing is trying to run away from the issues in hand, that never works as wherever you go, they go with you.

5. You tell everyone you are fine

You become an actor, you pretend everything is fine and you stop telling people what is on your mind so that they believe you are fine. You believe everything is your fault and you may even begin to lie to keep people at arm’s length.

6. You fake happiness

You appear happy and content with your life and some people may even be a little envious of you as all they see is you and your perfect little world. No one has a perfect life, so stop acting as if you do.

7. You use humor as a crutch

Your emotions are all over the place and you absolutely dread the moment that someone will find this out, so you act the fool, making life a joke in the hope no one notices you are falling apart.

8. You refuse to speak up

You begin to stop speaking up when someone upsets you as you just don’t have the energy for any conflict that may occur. Your emotions are haunting you and you can’t escape them.

9. You refuse to share any and all worries

You stop telling your friends and family what is bothering you. They think you are fine but what you have really done is shut them out. You feel if you told them what was bothering you that they would think less of you.

10. You begin to feel things more intensely

Each time something goes wrong it adds to the intensity of your pain and confusion. You are a huge mass of emotions that are spiralling out of control and you may even wonder if you are going crazy, you’re not.

11. You blow up

You eventually blow up and it is what you have been trying to avoid. Those around you are left in shock and blame themselves for missing all the warning signs. They will surround you and want to help you and all you want to do is push them away. Don’t push them away, let them in and let them help you. If possible don’t let it get to this stage, bite down the fears and talk to someone you can trust.