109-Year-Old Woman Says The Secret To A Long Life Is Avoiding Men!

This is huge coming from someone who has decades of experience to make a statement like this. If you were ever wondering what is the true secret to be able to live longer while aging gracefully, then we have an interesting story coming up.

The internet is full of old wives tales and myths about living longer but there’s one particular reason that you might not have come across yet. In 2015, a survey was conducted all across the country around the elderly population over a hundred years and above trying to narrow down the long kept rituals that have helped them live longer.

The survey was conducted at a large scale and a lot of shocking yet interesting facts came on the surface. While some elders stated strong family ties and interpersonal connections were the reason, others thought to live a fulfilled and content life was key. However, Jessie Gallan, a 109-year-old woman had the most hilarious secret behind her long life.

Born in a small suburban city of Scotland in the early 1900s, Jessie was raised on a farm her parents owned. Her total family included her parents and a total of six siblings. Her life was minimalistic, simple and full of freedom as stated by herself she attended school for a brief period of time and soon started working in a kitchen at a farm near her house. Following her culinary profession, she soon started working as a housemaid and moved to the city.

She worked with wealthy clients and soon ventured into the service industry. Jessie finally moved across cities and finally settled into the Crosby house. This house accommodates the elderly population that is unable to tend for themselves or those who have no family of their own. “Jess is one of a kind” states Gillian, who works in the same house as her. “She is full of fun, and has her longtime friends here as well, and they don’t have a single dull moment when the three of them are around. She has a passion for music and takes her exercising regime very seriously and is a very independent person who takes her freedom seriously. She is always on the go”.

Unfortunately soon after the survey, Gallen was laid to rest in her eternal place in the start of 2015 but she managed to share her the secret behind her long life secret to achieving this age while aging gracefully is avoiding any unnecessary interactions with men. They cause more trouble and are just not worth the hassle.” Jess stated Gallan also shared an extra step to achieving this milestone which has everything to do with her food choices. “I love having porridge at least once a day. My love for porridge has only grown since I was a child.”

Jess has certainly shared a controversial theory that is open to more debate as time continues. It is a fact that more and more bright and intelligent women fall for worthless lousy men because good men are hard to find and women have this insane pressure to settle down, but perhaps by shifting the some of the burden towards men, and waiting for your prince charming to eventually find you can definitely be a good idea to consider. While Gallas approach to life has not been proven right or wrong, I will leave you to ponder upon this interesting theory to yourself.